23 - 24 AUGUST

PyCon Zimbabwe 2017

PyCon Zimbabwe 2017 took place from the 23rd to the 26th August 2017. It was held at ZESA National Training Centre in Belvedere, Harare, Zimbabwe. A total of 53 participants attended the conference.

Diversity and Financial Aid

Thanks to the PSF and GitHub diversity support, PyCon Zimbabwe 2017 managed to achieve its diversity goal. We had four African speakers, two male and two female, whom we gave financial aid to attend PyCon Zimbabwe 2017. PyCon Zimbabwe 2017 had 30 female participants and 23 male participants in total, which we believe is a record for a tech conference to have more female participants than male participants!

While this was due to Django Girls Harare workshop which brought female attendees and coaches to the conference, we still celebrate this milestone. Our male participants were lower in 2017 due to limited financial assistance programme for local attendees as speakers got more priority. Also the increased number of African speakers who got funded meant that less local attendees would get to come on free tickets.

Low ticket sales still remains a problem for PyCon Zimbabwe as most people cannot afford to buy conference tickets while some do not just see the need for them to buy a ticket to attend the conference.


PyCon Zimbabwe 2017 featured talks and workshops which include the following:

… and many others.


Unlike PyCon Zimbabwe 2016, which we mainly relied on crowdfunding, PyCon Zimbabwe was mainly sponsored by several global organisations. We had the Django Software Foundation as our gold and biggest sponsor. We also had the Python Software Foundation and GitHub as our diversity sponsors, enabling us to offer financial assistance to four African speakers from Mozambique, Namibia, Uganda and Zambia. This was a huge improvement from 2016 where we could not offer financial assistance to fellow African speakers. We also had Fuzzy Brains, Nexmo, JetBrains PyCharm and PythonAnywhere as our bronze sponsors.

We are so grateful to all our sponsors for their support and look forward to their support in 2018.

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