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October 19 2018

Day 1
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Python and the ai revolution

A guide to getting remote work

Remote jobs are becoming more prevalent with each passing year because they allow for flexibility in choosing your working hours and work location. This talk will explain useful ways to find remote work and give tips based on my personal experience as a remote employee. The talk will discuss different payment methods freelancers can use to receive payments from international clients. Lastly, the talk will cover productivity tips that will help listeners to work effectively and thrive in a remote environment.

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BitMari Smart Farm Contracts with Python

The beauty of Python Collections.

Machine learning in Entomology

Python and the Business World - How to Improve?


The best time to talk with speakers and attendees

Graphql & Python

One of the most commonly occurring data structures in life is a graph. Our relationships on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are just few of the examples that can be represented in this way.In this talk we will present how to use python to present a GraphQL API . In particular we will use the python packages flask and graphene-python to build a graph of the local music industry and expose it as a GraphQL API.

Components and Configuration in Reahl

I am an advocate of the idea that Africans should develop and export open source software. I also like to lead by example: I am the main author of Reahl, a full-stack web framework that allows you to write a web application using Python only, and on a high level of abstraction. Reahl is a risky experimental project rethinking the way web frameworks can work. Not everyone would be interested in using the Reahl web framework itself. However during the course of working on Reahl, we have experimented with different ways of dealing with other aspects of a system – aspects that are not tied to the web framework itself. As a result, parts of Reahl can be used in their own right, independently of the Reahl web framework itself. These parts of Reahl are not well known. I have done talks before on the testing infrastructure we use, but we also have novel ways for dealing with things like: - configuration; - internationalisation; and -database schema migration. - In this talk I’d like to explain the component-nature of Reahl programs and how we handle configuration in that environment.

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MESA, NetworkX, Agent-Based Models, Complex Networks, Economics, Complexity

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Lightning Talks

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October 20 2018

Day 2
Geospatial Data in Python and PostgreSQL

Learn how to make an interactive map, focusing on the backend Python server and a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database. This workshop covers each step from finding sources of geospatial data (official sources, OpenStreetMap), to making standard SQL and spatial queries, to writing an API in Python to support a website. Best for programmers with previous Python or SQL experience.

A, B, C, Deep Learning

Python Data science backbone for the Web with Tensorflow


The best time to talk with speakers and attendees